Expo Cages

Expo Cages are rental, lockable steel cages and protective pallet crates, which will safeguard your freight during transit and while on-site. For shipments containing multiple packages, they are the ideal solution for collating your shipment into one – not only will they provide added protection during transit, they also increase the security of your goods from loss or theft and provide a secure storage solution once you are on site, until you are ready to unpack. Expo Cages can be delivered to your premises in advance for you to pack – or we can collect your shipment from you and pack it in our secure warehouse.

Four options are available for rent:


Internal dimensions: 112 x 91.5 x 77cm

External dimensions: 120 x 100 x 97.5cm


Internal dimensions: 176 x 112.5 x 94.5cm

External dimensions: 200 x 120 x 120cm


Internal dimensions: 168 x 113 x 93cm

External dimensions: 178 x 122 x 112cm


Internal dimensions: 168 x 113 x 108cm

External dimensions: 178 x 122 x 127cm

Both the BP200 and SP100 have folding side doors to make packing easier, and come complete with individually numbered security ties for the lid.

Whatever you are shipping – be sure to ship it safely and securely in an Expo Cage.